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What Easy Daysies Can Do For You

Hello, I’m Elaine Tan Comeau, mother to 3 young children, elementary school teacher, and founder of Easy Daysies, the magnetic daily schedules for kids. I’m very proud and so honored that Easy Daysies has helped thousands of families to have easier days. Will your family be next?

Easy Daysies produces tools for kids age 3+ that simply and effectively help parents teach children to become more co-operative, independent, and less anxious because they are secure knowing what is happening next! One of the hardest parts of parenting is seeing life from a child’s point of view, and Easy Daysies helps you do just that.

Easy Daysies products are recommended by name by child psychologists (behavioral experts), occupational therapists (life skills experts) and educators (learning experts).

With Easy Daysies tools, kids learn routine, good habits, responsibility, sight word recognition (teacher words for early reading), self-discipline and respect – all while having fun! The result is fewer “meltdowns” and tantrums, more confident kids, and less stress for everyone in the family.  Together, let’s build up strong, resilient kids who are able to excel at home, school, and in public situations, thanks to their strong foundation which includes Easy Daysies!

Our Story

Easy Daysies was created off the kitchen table by parent demand to help make days easier for busy families – that is how it got its name, Easy Daysies®!

As a school teacher, I had many parents over the years ask me to create a visual routine similar to what I made for the front of my classroom to help their kids at home with morning routines and after-school routines. One day I realized that if I have been making these visual routines for years and for free, there must be a market for such a product. I did the research and discovered that there was nothing out there like it and decided to make it into a product. So I did extra tutoring and sold crafts that I made to save up for the first $1400 I needed to make my first batch of product. I launched my first product two days after my third child was born (crazy but true!). I started making and selling them off our kitchen table, working there until 3AM most nights.

The orders kept coming in to a point that was beyond what my kitchen table could handle. Then I was urged to go on an investor television show called Dragons’ Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank)! Excited, scared, and with three little ones in tow, we pitched to the savvy investors and incited a bidding war between all five investors. We were blessed to secure both Jim Treliving and Kevin O’Leary as our partners!

We went from selling by word of mouth to a presence in stores nation wide in both Canada and the USA, as well as shipping orders to all over the globe. Easy Daysies is newly available in Australia, Ireland and France.

Easy Daysies continues to kindly receive countless testimonials and awards. These testimonials keep me going when I am overwhelemd, knowing that we are helping thousands of families to improve their daily lives!

As a “mompreneur”, I hope that I am showing my children to reach for the stars, never give up, and to be kind always.

Warmest smiles and blessings from our family to yours,