My Day – For Adults with Memory Loss, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Special Needs

Help for Adults with Memory Loss, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Special Needs, Brain Injury etc.

Finally, a dedicated, easy to follow task scheduling system to help adults live more independently.  This new product will serve an important need in a dignified way!  Help for adults with memory loss is here!

Help for adults with memory loss



The “My Day” Story

Help for adults with memory lossFor many years I have been asked to make Easy Daysies for adults with memory loss issues. Many families have shared with me that they have bought Easy Daysies (the children’s version) for their parents with early Alzheimer’s or adult child with special needs.  They loved the simple system of a magnetic “to-do” list that was colorful and easy to use.

But there was a problem.  While some of the tasks fit everyone (breakfast, lunch, dinner, appointment, etc.), some were very kid-oriented (school, play time, homework, etc.).  The artwork was also decidedly child-oriented.

Easy Daysies is about helping every family member have easier days.

This is a chance to be one of the first to order My Day for Adults!

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I’ve taken everything we have learned from over a decade of creating children’s magnetic daily schedules, and applied it to this adults’ product.  The same effectiveness of the original Easy Daysies will apply, but with adult-appropriate tasks and artwork.

Included in My Day for Adults:

  • A 2-sided magnetic board (English on one side, French on the other)
  • 20 Magnets:
    • 10 printed task magnets
    • 10 blank magnets for
  • 50 Permanent Stickers:
    • 20 task stickers in English
    • 30 task stickers in French
  • Dry-Erase Marker
  • Magnet Storage Pouch


Magnets include every day tasks like eating meals, taking medication, and appointments, to cleaning, screen time, laundry, and checking that the stove is turned off!

Each magnet has a space to write in a time using the supplied dry-erase marker.  Depending on the user, you can simply complete tasks in order, or at a specified time.

This product has just been manufactured for the first time.  Order now to ensure you receive one of the first copies!

Retailers: please email for wholesale pricing and availability.

Order now – Product has arrived!