Help Get Your Kids To Listen!

The 3 types of learning, and how Easy Daysies enhances the 2 more effective types for helping kids to “listen”


One of the most common questions I get from parents is:

“How do I get my kids to listen?”

Parents are just so tired of telling their kids the same thing over and over again, to the point of nagging, without getting any results.

It turns out we’ve been asking the wrong question.

The question should not be “How do I get my kids to listen?”, but

how can I get the result I’m looking for, such as teaching my children to do their daily tasks and develop the independence that frees me from nagging?

There are 3 main ways that humans learn:

learning by listening

How to stop nagging

learning by seeing

Teach with visuals

learning by physically doing

Kinesthetic learning

Only 20 to 30% of school-aged children are primarily auditory learners.  If your child is one of those, you’ve probably got a great “listener” on your hands.  For the other 80% of us, visual and kinesthetic learning are a much more effective way to approach our children.

The majority of children entering kindergarten are:

  1. primarily kinesthetic learners,
  2. then visual learners,
  3. and in a distant third place is auditory.

It’s no wonder we can’t get our kids to listen, no matter how many times we repeat ourselves – they are simply not built to listen the same way adults are!

This is why Easy Daysies magnetic schedules are so effective with young children.  They actually employ visual and kinesthetic learning, the two types of learning that are most effective with children.

Learning by doing is its own reward

Easy Daysies has a fun, colorful, kid-like design that kids love.  The magnets have words and simple illustrations.  They are easy to understand, even for pre-readers and non-listeners!  A child having fun with words and pictures is much more likely to do that next daily task than one who is expected to listen while looking at the world around them.

The simple act of manipulating and moving the magnets from the To-Do side to the Done side, which may not seem like such a big deal to an adult (particularly an auditory-first adult), is an important kinesthetic reinforcement, which encourages learning and helps to strengthen habits.

Ask any parent how easily their kids listen, and most will simply groan.  We are trying to put a square peg in a round hole, and Easy Daysies is out to change that.  By using visual and kinesthetic learning for daily routines, you are giving your child a leg up on creating good habits for life.  And with those improved life skills for your child comes a huge benefit for you – less frustration from “talking to a brick wall”, and a lot less time in the dreaded “nag zone”.

Knowing what you now know about the 3 types of learning (auditory or listening, visual, and kinesthetic, or learning by physically doing), and how millions of families have proven auditory signals alone do not work, isn’t it time to try something that does work?  It’s time to try Easy Daysies!

Help my child to listen

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