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The Easy Daysies Story

The Story of Easy Daysies

The Product... Easy Daysies®
The Award Winning Easy Daysies® Daily Schedules help show kids the “shape of the day”. Use these fun magnets for a single routine, like bed time or after school routine, or plan the whole day! These mom/teacher-created products, made with 70% recycled materials, help children become more co-operative, independent, & less anxious because they feel safe & confident knowing what is happening next! Wonderful for helping kids of any age, and children with special needs, deal with event transitions or anxiety.  And let's be honest - we're talking about creating stress-free daily routines for Mom here!

Easy Daysies magnetic schedules for kids Elaine Tan Comeau founder help kids have easier daysThe Mom Behind Easy Daysies
Elaine Tan Comeau is a mother of three young children, wife, elementary school teacher, awarded Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business, and CEO and Founder of Easy Daysies Ltd. Easy Daysies is a multiple award-winning product line for teachers and families. Not only has Elaine appeared with Easy Daysies Ltd. on CBC's Dragons' Den where a bidding war was incited, but her products have been recommended by child psychologists, occupational therapists and educators. Elaine has been featured in the Financial Post, Macleans Magazine, Canadian Business Magazine, and Huffington Post to name a few, all wanting to know her story about being a “Mom Entrepreneur”.  Elaine was named Canadian Mompreneur of the Year for 2014.

The Story of Easy Daysies
I am the mother of three young children, a classroom teacher, and the creator and CEO of Easy Daysies®, a product line to help kids have easier, less anxious and more co-operative days. My product was created off the kitchen table by parent demand to help make days easier for busy families, that is how it got its name, Easy Daysies®!

As a school teacher, I had many parents over the years ask me to create a visual routine similar to what I made for the front of my classroom to help their kids at home with morning routines and after-school routines. One day I realized that if I have been making these visual routines for years and for free, there must be a market for such a product.

I did the research and discovered that there was nothing out there like it and decided to make it into a product. So I did extra tutoring and sold crafts that I made to save up for the first $1400 I needed to make my first batch of product. I launched my first product two days after my third child was born. (Yes, that is true!) I started making and selling them off our kitchen table.

The orders kept coming in to a point that was beyond what my kitchen table could handle! Then I was urged to go on an investor television show called Dragons' Den! Excited, scared, and with three little ones in tow, we pitched to the savvy investors and incited a bidding war between all five investors and were blessed to secure both Jim Treliving and Kevin O'Leary as our partners!

We went from selling by word of mouth to a presence in stores nation wide in both Canada and the USA, as well as shipping orders to all over the globe. Easy Daysies is now available in Australia, Ireland and France. Easy Daysies continues to kindly receive countless testimonials and awards, testimonials that keep me going when I am working at our kitchen table at 3 AM night after night. I hope that I am showing my children to reach for the stars, never give up, and to be kind always.

Warmest smiles and blessings from our family to yours,

“Use routines to encourage good behaviour.  Routines help a preschooler understand her world.  When she knows what comes next, she feels more in control and it is easier for her to co-operate.  Routines are especially helpful for those transition points:  getting ready for daycare, bedtime and so on.” -- “Ten Tools for Positive Discipline,”  Today’s Parent Magazine, February 2007, p.68

Easy Daysies Testimonials

 "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and rave about your fridge magnets..I ran into you at Chapters a couple weeks ago, very pregnant and looking for a solution to our stressful mornings with our 3 older children! You explained your system and I thought I'd give it a try...I wasn't sure and worried I was wasting my $... My husband and I figured out a way to make the system work for our 3 and we are BLOWN away by the difference it makes!!! We are having stress and argument free mornings ( and afternoons!) where we no longer feel like every conversation with our kids is us nagging and hounding them...they were actually giggling together this morning and there was a bit of boasting about where they were in stages of getting ready this morning! And WE were able to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep!!! I'm telling all my friends!!" - Jess

I heard about you from a client of mine. I often recommend to parents that they have a visual schedule for their children. I see a lot of little ones with anxiety and part of keeping that at bay is setting up for them an expectation of what is coming up in their day. Unfortunately, many of the families that I work with are very busy and it is hard to follow through on that recommendation because it is difficult to go home and find the clip art etc. So I was beyond THRILLED to hear that someone has already done this and the in the exact perfect format!! I wanted to order a set to try out for myself so I can tell my clients all about it! Thank you for this wonderful product and for donating a portion of your proceeds. I have worked with children that have come through some of those experiences and have witnessed the horrible trauma as well as the power of healing.  Sincere best wishes, Vanessa - Registered Child Psychologist and Mom of two

From Holly: "My 12 year old son has autism and Easy Daysies is a god send to keeping him focused and organized each and every day. It helps him manage his day and he has less meltdowns because there is less surprises in his day. If you know a parent of a child with autism then you know a parent who desperately needs Easy Daysies. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!"

“Thank you so much for the Easy Daysies Kit. We are having so much fun. Today I was getting ready upstairs and when I came downstairs Daniel, my 5 year old, was packing his lunch! He had already “Brushed his teeth”, “Washed his face” and “Got dressed”! I didn’t have to ask him to do anything! Thank you so much! We really do love this product!”-- Tanya S. (Mother of three boys), British Columbia

From Laurie: "Hi, I am a mom of a 9 year old boy with ASD. I bought my easy daysies yesterday, and the comfort of a neat, well put together schedule that is easily portable is exciting! I've purchased visual schedules similar to this before but bigger and harder to take around and made my own as well, however this is a delightfully, pleasant to look at schedule. Homework last night was not a challenge as he could see where he started and once finished (and there was a finish!!) he had a task put in there that he enjoyed, there was no fuss, homework done and moved along nicely. This morning,his morning transition to school went smoothly. I've purchased a board and school kit for him for school as well as the teachers' kit. So I hope to get some input back from his teachers how that helped his day along! Anyways definitely recommended and definitely proud of the mom/teacher who made these products! Way to go!!!!"

"My son Elijah, who is 4, was so excited for us to plan our day, and we started using them just before dinner on the day I received them. The result was fantastic - Elijah went to the fridge to see what was next and didn't whine or complain when it was time for brushing his teeth and bed because he knew it was coming! That night when he went to bed, I took out the magnets and planned out the next day. Before my husband and I were even out of bed the following morning, Elijah had already checked the Easy Daysies schedule on the fridge and came into our room announcing that he had school later that day, but first he needed to have breakfast, brush his teeth, and have play time! It was priceless. This is definitely a child who thrives on schedules and visual aides! We have had this set in our house for about a week now and Elijah is completely absorbed in it. Each night when he goes to bed he reminds me to "put up my jobs" on the fridge for the next day. I no longer have the whiney, "Mommy what are we doooooooing todaaaaaaaay?" because he already knows. Sure, he asks for a playdate when the magnet isn't on there, but I remind him that when we have a playdate I will let him know by placing the magnet on the fridge.Christmas Gift Idea! - Tenille

From Jolene: “I have three kids with autism spectrum disorders ranging in severity. I am so grateful that I will be able to organize their day without having to constantly talk! It will relieve a great deal of stress. I have tried other visual schedules, but they weren't as diverse and easy to use as Easy Daysies. I have a girl and 2 boys. they are 6, 7 and 8.”

From Ramani: “I wanted to let you know that I love your product – we have a 5 year old son who was diagnosed with Autism ... Our OT suggested your product and I checked it out on-line, thought it was wonderful and then went and bought the every day kit, loved it and decided to get the other kits for him... Thank you so much...”

From Christine: “I have been searching for something like this product for a while. My son was recently diagnosed as ADHD as well he has an auditory processing delay disorder. He requires many visual cues and setting up a visual schedule, which your product will allow me to do, was suggested by his pediatrician.”