Easy Daysies

Magnetic Schedules for Families
We help families have easier days with daily schedule products,
so they can spend more quality time together!

Need help:

  • Getting your child(ren) to listen?

  • Getting out the door on time in the morning?

  • Establishing a bed-time routine?

  • With keeping your sanity?

Then you’ll be needing something like this!

Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules for Kids
Go ahead, make your child’s day:

More Independent

Kids have fun helping to plan their day, and walk themselves from step to step without tantrums or meltdowns.

Less Stressful

Simply knowing what is happening next makes children less anxious and more confident. Less nagging = less stress for all!

Organized and On Time

Think of Easy Daysies as a “day planner for kids”. Get out the door on time, using cooperation 🙂

Some kids learn by listening.
Most kids learn be seeing.
Almost all kids learn by doing.

So why do we make talking (and repeating, and nagging, and eventually yelling) our main form of teaching and communicating with our kids?

At Easy Daysies, we have helped thousands of families to have easier days, better routines and less stress and nagging with simple proven products that kids love!  Get kids organized, independent and into routine with Easy Daysies® Magnetic Schedules for Kids!

How it works

Easy Daysies produces tools for kids age 3+ that simply and effectively help parents teach children to become more co-operative, independent, and less anxious because they are secure knowing what is happening next! One of the hardest parts of parenting is seeing life from a child’s point of view, and Easy Daysies helps you do just that.

Helping thousands of families have easier days…

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and rave about your fridge magnets… we are BLOWN away by the difference it makes!!! We are having stress and argument free mornings ( and afternoons!) where we no longer feel like every conversation with our kids is us nagging and hounding them…they were actually giggling together this morning and there was a bit of boasting about where they were in stages of getting ready this morning! And WE were able to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep!!! I’m telling all my friends!!”
Jess W.

“Easy Daysies has transformed my mornings. My son started kindergarten this year and with a newborn at home, our mornings became rushed and frazzled. I dreaded mornings. My son wanted independence and to be helpful, but he’s five years old and has a five-year-old’s attention span. I hated how short I became with him, and how snippy-snappy my default tone of voice was. Easy Daysies allows my son to be independent and gently guides him through his morning routine. His confidence has grown and our relationship has improved. Our mornings are more relaxed and our routine is efficient. Easy Daysies has made mornings in our house happier. Thank you!”
Hilary W.M.

Our Team

Easy Daysies was founded by Elaine Tan Comeau, a mother of 3 and classroom teacher.

More on her story here…

Elaine has partnered with investors Jim Treliving and Kevin O’Leary after inciting a bidding war from all 5 Dragons on the popular CBC Canada TV show “Dragons’ Den” (Canadian version of Shark Tank).

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