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Mombassador – Shannon Grochowski

Who Is She?

Easy Daysies Mombassador

Shannon is a woman passionate about adventure, motherhood and community. You will usually find her trying to wrangle her four children while in a top-knot, iced coffee and camera in hand. Shannon loves to connect in her online community on Instagram, come join the conversation!

Quotable Quote:

Did you ever want to change something in your life but didn’t know how or did but didn’t have the time to come up with the materials yourself? That was exactly me! I knew I wanted my mornings with the kids to be more efficient and relaxed but didn’t know where to start…

How She Is Helping YOU

Over on her blog, Shannon explains how she uses Easy Daysies to create calm, stress-free mornings at her house. She also uses Easy Daysies for home schooling!

Where else you can find Shannon:

Easy Daysies Mombassador Program
Want to become an Easy Daysies Mombassador too? Apply here!

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