Quick and Easy Camping Hacks

Quick and Easy Camping Hacks as Seen on CTV Morning Live

Easy Camping Hacks


Ten Quick and Easy Camping Hacks

Camping season is right around the corner.  As much fun as it is to be in the great outdoors, it can also be a lot of work and can add up in costs.  So here are ten quick and easy camping hacks for you to try out the next time you are planning your camping trip!

1. Rust-Free Pots with silica gel packs

The next time you want to toss out those little silica gel packs, don’t!  Hang on to them and store them with your cookware to keep out moisture and to help prevent rust. 

2. Don’t Play with Your Food, Play with the Dish!

Save on packing dishes and use plastic Frisbee’s for eating off of! It is true that camping is fun and that everything tastes better when you’re camping!

3. Handy Hand Sanitizer 

We all have hand sanitizer on hand, pun intended.  So, make sure to bring extra and use the hand sanitizer when you need to start a quick germ-free fire. 

4. Use Doritos to Heat things up!

Doritos work as great kindling when you don’t have any. The corn oil in the chips are flamable and keep burning 

Easy Camping Hacks

5.  Fire Starter with Lint

Stuff empty paper toilet rolls with dryer lint and then stick them under the wood to light up and start your fire!

6.  Keep Tick Free Recipe

1 part tea tree oil, 2 parts water.  Shake it up in a spray bottle. Please avoid spraying directly on skin unless it is very diluted.

7.  Sage the Bugs Away

Add bundles of sage to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away.

Easy Camping Hacks

8.  Clove the Bugs Away

Cut a lemon in half and stick cloves in it and voila!

Easy Camping Hacks

9.  Shower Cap Power

Use shower caps to keep plates of food bug free or use them to keep dirty shoes clean inside tents! 

Easy Camping Hacks
Easy Camping hacks

10.  Using Your Head to Light Up the Camp

Make an easy lantern by wrapping a headlamp flashlight around a jug of water! Easy peasey!

Check out some yummy quick and easy make ahead camping meals and snacks here!

Happy camping,

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