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Easy Daysies

Chores and Special Times Add-On Pack

This popular pack is loved by parents and kids! It can be used alone but it is perfect for mixing with the Every Day Starter Kit.


Use a dry erase marker to check the white boxes below the task your child completes and reward him or her when all six boxes are checked!

The blank magnets in this kit are perfect for helping little ones learn routines and tasks as well. Enjoy using the blanks for tasks like: "Sitting Still and Eating Dinner", "Do Homework", "Go To Bed without Complaining", etc.!

Special Times:

Help your kids learn to tell time with these great clocks!

Simply add them into your daily routine.  Use a dry erase marker to fill in the digital and analog clocks so children learn to tell time both ways, as well as match events with times! Teachers and parents love this kit!

Kit includes 21 amazing, coloured, durable magnets (perfect for little hands) that you can use on your fridge, kitchen door, or pocket chart (or the Easy Daysies® Fold & Go that comes with the Every Day Starter Kit).

Magnets in this kit:  Feed Pet, Clean Bedroom, Walk Dog, Help Set Table, Sweep / Vacuum, Clean Bathroom, Garbage / Recycling, Do Dishes, Put Clothes Away, blank chore magnet, Field Trip, Book / Quiet Time, TV Time, Computer Time, blank magnet, 6 Clock magnets.

This is a great basic expansion kit that every home should have! Great and unique birthday gift idea!  Great educational gift for home schooling, getting kids organized and into routine, and a helpful tool for children with special needs too!

For ages 3+

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