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Easy Daysies

Classroom Management Bundle - Save 15%!

The perfect teacher gift!

Teachers no longer have to make their visual daily routine out of laminated paper! These kits are designed specifically for classroom use.  Images are simple enough for non-readers of any age to confidently understand their day.

Intended for Preschool to Grade 7 classrooms.

Magnets in PreK-K Pack: Circle Time, Centers, Exploration, Art, Lunch, Language, Numbers, Exercise, Field Trip, Snack Time, Library, Music, Clean Up, Wash Hands, Pack Bag, Play Outside, and two blank magnets for you to personalize your classroom routine.

Magnets in Grade 1-7 Pack: Science, Art, Lunch, Silent Reading, Writing, Gym, Social Studies, Math, Field Trip, Snack/Recess, Assembly, Special Guest, Library, Music, Clean Up, and three blank magnets for you to personalize your classroom routine.

Bundle also comes with 2 dry erase markers.

Individual magnets are 8 inches by 2½ inches in size (20cm x 6.5cm) for easy viewing from a distance.

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