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E-book - 5 Steps To Becoming The Most Organized Teacher In Your School

Get organized - you can do it!

Only a teacher (and perhaps their understanding spouse) can fully comprehend how hectic teaching can be. It requires you to juggle lesson planning, instruction, staff meetings, parent meetings, team meetings, grading, and working with students.

One of the key foundations for being the best teacher you can be is organization. This sentiment holds true for new teachers just starting out or veteran teachers wanting to turn over a new leaf.

With 14 years' experience as an elementary school teacher, I've learned a thing or two about classroom organization, and I share them all with you in this e-book!

Here are the 5 STEPS we’re going to cover together in this e-book:

PART I – Me, Myself, & I - Personal Reflection & Action
STEP 1 You, Your Desk, and Your Space
STEP 2 Your Year, Your Day, Your Lessons

PART II – Your Classroom – Setting the Stage
STEP 3 Materials and Supplies

PART III – Your Students – Your Raison d’être
STEP 4 Your Student’s Responsibilities
STEP 5 Your Students’ Work

It is never too late or too soon to start getting organized. Just remember to start with one area at a time. If you follow even one of these steps you will thank yourself all year long. Just remember that your students will feel the difference of having an organized teacher versus the chaos we all hope to avoid.

Created in partnership with Scholar's Choice.

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