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Easy Daysies

Easy Daysies Starter Kit - Back to School Sale!


Make your child's day ... Easier ... Organized ... Independent ... Fun!

This is the "Must-Have" for every family!

Get kids organized and into routine in a snap! This kit includes a 2-sided Fold & Go Board (Apple Tree design on one side, and daisy design on the back), plus 18 amazing, colored, durable magnets (perfect for little hands) that you can hang like a calendar in any room!

Start with listing 3 tasks up to no more than 7 tasks to help your child become independent and successful at a specific routine, such as the morning or after school routine, or bed time or bath-time!  For those who ask why they cannot fit 23 things their child has to do on our boards, the reason is we do not want to create anxiety for the child! Studies show that listing more than 7 tasks could create anxiety and overwhelm a child!

Personalize the board with your child's name using the included dry-erase marker. Put magnets down the middle or use the "TO DO" and "DONE" columns for a reward system.

Kids can hang or bring their daily routine anywhere: from home to grandma's, or to the Baby-Sitter's!

Magnets are made with 70% recycled material.

Magnets in this kit: Get Dressed, Make Bed, Breakfast, Brush Teeth, Pack Backpack, School, Lunch, Clean Up, Homework, Screen Time, Family Time, Play / Free Time, Lunch, Dinner, Wash Hands and Face, Bath Time, Bed Time, one blank customizable magnet.

For Ages 3+ (Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary Aged Children)

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