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Easy Daysies

"My Morning Routine" Customizable Puzzle!

Great one-of-a-kind gift for any family with children ages 3-6!

The mom behind Easy Daysies is all about creating fun solutions to to help busy parents help their kids have easier and more successful mornings and bedtimes, while helping kids establish good habits and life skills.

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Easier mornings and bedtimes have arrived!

Use this customizable visual routine puzzle to build your child's morning routine or bedtime routine with them!


STEP ONE: Starting with assembling just two or three tasks.

STEP TWO: When they have completed one, have them come back and add on the "Done!" piece!

STEP THREE: Do a HAPPY dance to celebrate their accomplishment!

The gratification of placing the "Done!" piece on the visual routine puzzle, teaches kids intrinsic reward while helping them with routine.

Kids are visual learners, so help them become more successful and confident with their day by showing them what to do, rather than telling them over and over.

Kids happily get things done when they can see and predict what is happening next. Helps take away anxiety and creates smoother event transitions.

Make your child's routine... Easier ... Organized ... Independent ... Fun!

This is the "Must-Have" for every family! Created by a mom and school teacher!


    A 16-piece high quality visual routine puzzle

  • Made with Vegetable Soy Inks
  • Made with Recycled Materials

    A Foldout Instructional Picture Booklet:

  • Perfect for parent and child to read together before using the customizable visual routine puzzle

Families can hang or bring their daily routine anywhere: from home to grandma's, or to the Baby-Sitter's all in the handy high-quality storage box with a cute rope handle perfect for small hands too!

For Ages 3-6

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