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  • Age appropriate chore charts for tweens and teens
  • Chore charts kitchen bedroom bathroom
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Printable Chore Chart Book for Age 11-15

Age Appropriate Printable Chore Charts

YES! - your "tweens" and teens can:

  • help out around the house without bribery
  • help lessen your housekeeping load
  • learn valuable life skills to set themselves up for a successful adulthood
  • have fun doing it!

This 16-page e-book contains:

  • Color and black-and-white printable, age appropriate chore charts for Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom (yes, a 13-year old can clean their bedroom, and it's much easier if you stay on top of it)
  • Explanation of the why and how of effective household chores - hint, no bribes are necessary if done right.
  • Expectations for parents and life skills learned for teens / tweens.

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