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Easy Daysies

Customizable "Shape of the Day" Visual Classroom Schedules - PAPER - $1 each

These customizable, paper-based non-magnetic schedules are perfect for pocket charts (they are 7x2 inches in size) or white boards. Your classroom - your schedule!

Create your own customized classroom schedule as easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Choose your style (Blue, Chalkboard or Wood)

STEP 2: Choose minimum 15 schedule cards (no maximum)

STEP 3: Type in the custom message for your Title Card!

Choose your 15+ favorite activities for your classroom (over 100 to choose from)!

3 styles available, pick the one that matches your class decor.

Each schedule card has easy to read text and an appropriate illustration for easy identification and non-readers.

Cards are 7x2 inches, perfect for pocket charts or posting at the front of your classroom.

Schedule cards cover activities for Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School classes!

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Step 1: Choose Your Style
Check your favorite 15 or more boxes to customize your classroom schedule!
Please choose 15 to 100 options
Customize the text on your title card! (optional)

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