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Easy Daysies

Spreading Smiles - Christmas Kindness Countdown

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One for your kids and one for another family! Use this PROMO CODE when checking out:  bogofreechristmaskindness

The world needs more smiles!

Unlike other Easy Daysies packs, you won't use this one every day. Just every day during the most wonderful time of year!

The Spreading Smiles "Christmas Kindness Countdown" pack contains 18 high quality dry-erase magnets, each with a fun and meaningful task that will brighten someone else's day - and your family's in the process.

Start a new Christmas tradition this year - do something to spread smiles every day of the season!

Use these magnets on their own, or mix them into your daily routine with other Easy Daysies magnets.

Spread the cheer of the Christmas season - and spread smiles everywhere!

Proudly made in CANADA

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