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Easy Daysies

Toy & Supply ReStickables™ Organizers - SALE!

Help your kids help you!

These amazing fabric, tear-proof, reusable stickers easily go where you want your kids to put toys and supplies away... onto drawers, bins, etc. Illustrations help those who can’t read yet! Great for home, day care, preschool, and classrooms too! Sticks like a post-it note so it leaves no residue and no damage!

Simply stick them on drawers, bins, closets, etc. Pictures with matching words will help kids at any age quickly learn to get organized.

16 ReStickables included: Trains & Tracks, Sports / Balls, Play Dough, Crayons & Coloring, Musical Instruments, Library Books, Games, Dress Up Clothes, Dolls, Collections, Cars, Building Blocks, Arts & Crafts, Action Figures, Play Food, Puzzles.

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