Back to School:  Tips and Strategies for Learning At Home With Success

Distance Learning can have big challenges, so let’s talk about some tips and strategies for learning at home with success.

Learning from home can be confusing and stressful for both parents and kids. There may be a lack of motivation to learn and also a sense of isolation.  Another big factor is missing friends.  Friends make learning at school fun!  So let’s make sure that we plan for socialization time during learning from home with these tips and strategies for learning at home with success.

The ABC’s – Quick tips and strategies for learning at home with success:

A – Ask your child and child’s teacher questions if expectations are not clear. (It is very important to have measurable goals and outcomes and for parents and students to be clear of them)

B – Be available and helpful.  Be interested in what your child is learning, because this will help them do better in school as well!

C – Create regular safe playdates and social times every week if not daily. (Coordinate virtual group activities)

Back to school home learning

Watch a video about home school organization! ^^^

Remain C.A.L.M. with these tips and strategies:

Learning from home requires C.A.L.M. tips and strategies for Learning at home with success.  C.A.L.M. stands for: Create, Amplify, Lighten, and Make.

Create a schedule so that kids know what expectations are for their day, which helps kids to lessen anxiety and become more cooperative and independent and confident with their day.

Amplify your interest in what your children are learning (studies show that when parents are interested in their children’s learning, children do better in school).  Also, kids learn when they do not even expect it when they are doing something fun!  Learn creatively -Book Clubs, Cooking, Playout side, Play Boardgames, and always keep on top of

Lighten expectations but do not lower them! Help your children understand that although the school load may be lighter with fewer days and fewer hours, they will want to put their best into the work they have to do.

Make a work space that sets up our children for success! Make sure they have every thing at their finger tips so that they can do their job of learning!

Back to School:  Tips and Strategies for Learning At Home With Success:


Home Learning Organization Hacks:


1) Homework Station:  the Drawer Tray Organizer (use a utensil organizer tray to store pencils, gluesticks, crayons, etc.), the Door Organizer (use a door hanging shoe organizer from the dollar store and label the pockets with what should go inside. The see-through pockets work best. Make sure to make one that says “Mail”), the Portable Organizer (use a utility or tool bucket that you can get from the dollar store).

2) The Home Control Centre:  Visual Reminders: A Visual Daily Schedule, A Visual Weekly Schedule, The Clock Face, The Stop Sign

3) Fast & Healthy Grab and Go Breakfast Ideas:  Pancake Toast, Pumpkin Protein Muffins, Smoothie to Go

Let me know how it goes!

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