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Making Cue Card Stories With Your Kids

Making Cue Card Stories With Your Kids

Getting kids to write can be a challenge at any age.  As a school teacher, I have often heard children say, “I don’t know what to write about.” Well here is quick and easy way to get kids writing!

Ingredients to Quick Fun Writing:

  • Grab a stack of old magazines
  • 3-4 pieces of paper for cue cards
  • Glue
  • 1 pencil or pen

Cue Card Stories

Steps to make cue card stories:

1.  Have your child go through some magazines and have him or her cut out three pictures they like.  The pictures do not have be related at all!

2.  Glue each picture in the center of each of the three pieces of cue card paper.

3.  Have the child choose which order he or she would like the pictures to appear and then write “First” on the first page, write “Then” on the second page, and then “Finally” on the third and last page.  Older kids can add a page before the last page and title it “Next”.

4.  Have your child write a sentence or two beginning with the word at the top of the page to connect the pictures together in one story!  Older kids can write two sentences and younger ones can have the parent scribe for them.

5.  Have fun with it.  Let the stories be silly.  Let them guess spell.  Don’t worry about spelling mistakes!  You just want to encourage them to write, write, and write!

6.  You can encourage them to use words to describe the pictures too to make the story more interesting.  Just have fun!

7.  Make sure to read the stories out loud to an audience too!

Benefits of the cue card project:

  • Great fun practice for writing
  • Gets the creative juices flowing
  • Creates a connection between parent and child as they read their stories
  • Allows you insight into what your child is thinking about, and provides an easy launching point into a conversation about it!

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