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Mombassador – Janette Shearer

Who Is She?

Janette Shearer Ava to Zoe Easy Daysies

Janette Shearer is a Lifestyle/Parent blogger at Ava to Zoe, a play on her two young daughters’ names, as she blogs everything in their lives A to Z.  Janette created this cozy corner of the internet as a space of non-judgment for other mamas just trying to get through their days the best way they know how. After all, we’re all in this together. When Janette is not blogging or with the girls, she is helping local small businesses with Social Media Management and additionally the photographer behind Captured In Squares!

Quotable Quote:

We have X amount of things to do to get out of the house so let’s give them a visual image reminding them of what needs to happen, let them pick the order and see the joy as they check off their to-do list like mama!

How She is Helping YOU

Check out Janette’s her awesome tips on Four Ways to Create Successful Routines here…

Easy Daysies Ava To Zoe

Where else you can find Janette:

Easy Daysies Mombassador Program
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