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Quick and Easy Easter Activities To Do As A Family With What You Have At Home

Quick and Easy Easter Activities To Do As A Family With What You Have At Home

Here are some quick and easy Easter activities to do as a family with what you have at home.  All the items used are common items you can find in your kitchen or around the house.

I just wanted to say thank you to our local Canadian Super Store where I was able to pick up all the fresh produce for dying the eggs and staples for baking ingredients that I normally would have in my pantry.

Hope you have lots of fun and laughter with your family!  Wishing you the happy Easter!

Quick and Easy Noodle Nests – Five Steps in Five Minutes

What you will need:

parchment paper lined cookie sheet

large mixing bowl and two tossing spoons

1 bag of milk chocolate chips 

1 bag of butterscotch chips

1 bag of chow mein noodles

1 bag of chocolate covered candy eggs


  1. Mix the milk chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a large bowl and microwave for 40 seconds and stir. Then another 40 seconds until melted. Stir until smooth.
  2. Gently add the chow mein noodles to the melted chocolate. Gently toss until coated in chocolate.
  3. Drop a scoop of the coated noodles onto the lined cookie sheet in the shape of a nest. Place a chocolate egg in the center of each nest. Continue until all the the noodles are done.
  4. Place tray in the fridge until firm.
Nest cookies easter

Vegetable Dyed Easter Eggs


Vegetable Dyed Easter Eggs

Easy egg dyeing
This is a fun and easy Easter activity to naturally dye hard boiled eggs.

Did you know that boiling the vegetable below and adding one table spoon of vinegar does this?

yellow onion skins turn white eggs orange

purple cabbage turns white eggs blue

beets turn white eggs pink

turmeric turns white eggs yellow

red onion skins turn white eggs lavender

Easy Steps to do as a Family:

  1. Boil equal ratios of cup of vegetable or vegetable skins to cup of water for 20 minutes.
  2. Check the colour and boil longer if you want it darker.
  3. Turn off heat and strain the liquid into a bowl.
  4. When the liquid is cool, add one tablespoon of vinegar per cup of liquid.
  5. Place the egg in the dye and refrigerate over-night.
  6. Tah-dah! Carefully remove egg for dye and you will have a beautifully dyed egg! 

Hint: Rub a little vegetable oil on the shell to give it a polished look!


Bunny Surprise Toilet Roll

Christmas is a favourite celebration in our home. But why let all the fun happen then? Christmas crackers are always fun to have at the dinner table, so let’s make a cute Easter cracker (without the cracker)! Here is a fun and easy Easter activity that helps you use and reuse the empty toilet rolls you have lying around!

Here is a before and after picture! So easy!

Fold the ends of the toilet roll and add ears and draw the face.

Have your kids white down an Easter riddle on a strip of paper and then take the riddle and wrap it around a chocolate treat to be placed inside the bunny!

bunny surprise toilet roll
bunny surprise toilet roll

Easiest Easter Cookie Recipe


Found over on this blog post:

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