Who Is She?

Easy Daysies Mombassador Andrea Humphrey and family

Andrea is a YouTuber & Brand Influencer known as Clueless Mama D who shares insight to the latest family lifestyle trends. With a great sense of humour, this Mother of 2 helps families go from clueless, to “I Got This”, with budget friendly How To’s, Gift Ideas, Easy Recipes, parenting tips, and more. 

Quotable Quote:

These are things that are working for me and that I’m going from “clueless” to “I got this” on…

How She is Helping YOU:

Andrea talks about  five ways to get your kids to help out at home and get chores done!  Check out her awesome YouTube channel here:    https://youtu.be/PKqO4YqL4bg

Her wonderful first tip is “start them young”!  So true! My fav is her tip “have a system”!

Where else you can find Andrea:

YouTube: youtube.com/c/CluelessMamaD

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cluelessmamad/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/cluelessmamad/

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