My top 10 hacks for organizing your home for back-to-school, whether it be regular school, online school, “hybrid” (part at school and part online), or homeschool!

This year will be challenging enough, use your favorite hacks to make your family’s life easier! And let me know your favorite hacks in the comments.

Jump to your favorite hacks:

00:00 – Top 10 Mom-Hacks for Back-to-School at Home

00:05 – Door organizer – or “Doorganizer”!

00:51 – Stop Sign

1:15 – Snacks for a Week!

1:50 – Color the Clock

2:28 – Use a Visual Schedule

4:42 – Command Center

5:49 – Homework Station

7:09 – Peek at the Week

8:41 – Potty Skills

9:24 – Plant a Plant

All items mentioned can be purchased either at Staples, your local dollar store, or